Acting on colors – Psychology of Color

How many times have you walked in to a shop or mall seen a sales stand that looks all grey and miserable, and walked straight past it? Now take the same sales stand and add some color to it, make it a little more attractive and vibrant, would you still walk past it or stop to take a look at just what looks so amazing? It's just simple human nature, we see something interesting and we have to take a look or we have to click it to see whats on the other side. But is this just the color that is … [Read more...]

A look at what happens online in 60 seconds

The online economy is HUGE, every minute theres a post published, videos submitted & viewed, a domain registered, a tweet on twitter or snap on snapchat, it's what keeps this world spinning. Can you imagine what it would be like now without the internet? With that said it's always nice to know what's going online, here's an infographic thanks to QMEE that gives us a view of what happens online every 60 seconds. … [Read more...]

Generate leads for from your social media

This is more than likely the reason why any small business would join social media, to get leads. It's also one of the first things we think of when building small business websites for our clients "how we can integrate social media". We use it for leads, support and many other things that helps us get businesses noticed. Small businesses want leads, leads and more leads and sometimes this blankets the main reasons why we should have social media. Social media is a powerful tool and used … [Read more...]

Become an Instagram Guru

Instagram is more than likely over looked by small and start-up businesses, however with 1.6billion photo likes a day you should start thinking about joining in. Thanks to DigitialInformationWorld, this infographic shows you how to start like a pro. … [Read more...]

Who gets the most Facebook engagement

With well over 329 millions active users on Facebook, there has to be lots of post engagement. BUT, which industries are making the most of it? Well, thanks to ExactTarget here is an infographic that tracked over 2 million post sent from their platform in 2013. … [Read more...]