12 Different ways to get more subscribers

Having a blog on your website now days is something considered as necessary, and you should. It's a great way to interact with your audience and share your news, offers, tips and tricks and lots more. How do you get their email so you can interact with them? Well this is something, that if you look deeper into you'll find an array of articles explaining different strategies. The difficult bit here is finding one that works best for you. Thanks to HubSpot, here's 12 different ways you can get … [Read more...]

Why your business should be on social media

When it comes to social media management for your business it's essential you get it right. Why? Well, think of your social media as an extension to your business. Run your social media correctly and your business could significantly increase it's client base. Thanks to Sales for life, here's a few very good reasons why your business should be on social media. … [Read more...]

Make your social media post GREAT

Your post are like logo's and first impressions count. You've got great social media graphics now make you social media post the same. Thanks to LogikalCode, here's an infographic that provides you with some essential tips. … [Read more...]

How you can get more interactions on Google+

Interacting on your social media profiles is important, why? Simply because we want to know if your alive or not. Your social media management is important and we see way too many small businesses setting up their social media, post a few times and then leave them dormant. Your social media is kinda like your customer service, if a customer calls customer service then you answer and the same goes for social media. If someone post a question or likes a photo or shares something then you should … [Read more...]

How to calculate your work at home expenses

We work with lots of small businesses and start-ups, from designing their small business websites to consulting. We know that it's not easy for small and start-up businesses working from home and you need all the help you can get, which is why we're sharing this amazing infographic from FreeAgent which gives you a very good idea of what HMRC allows you to claim tax relief for some of your home expenses. View the full image at FreeAgent … [Read more...]