5 Steps to make your social media content great

Social media, it's everywhere and we're all creating content for it. The only problem is sometimes we create content that no one wants to share and it maybe because people are just not interested, they don't like what you write or how you write it, we'll just put this down to a bad post and it happens to the best of us. What you thought was a SMASHING post is a fail, and it hurts, so much so you probably think about hanging the keyboard up. Well don't hang that keyboard up just yet. Here's 5 … [Read more...]

Good4businesses new website launch

Finally We're pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website "finally". After weeks of planning and preparation it's great to see the new website live. This time we're a little more expensive than before but this is based on client feedback, with some of our clients expressing how happy they are with our service and how it's worth so much more to them as a service. It's this service that get's most of our business, by clients recommending our services to others. We're growing as a … [Read more...]