Agile Future Forum

About Agile Future Forum
The AFF came together following discussions between the Coalition Government, which believes greater workplace agility could be an important spur for economic growth, and Sir Win Bischoff, the chairman of Lloyds Banking Group agreed to establish and chair a group of like-minded employers that would consider the issue of workforce agility.

The AFF required a brand new website that would showcase case studies for working environments. An interactive brochure showcasing the benefits of workforce agility. Contact forms to encourage users to attend events and seminars held by the AFF.

What we did
This website was built on the fly, meaning we built this website based on feedback and many many changes were made to the site over a period of about 3 months. After being approved by many of it’s members the website finally launched in June 2013 with great success and many other businesses wishing to take part. A members area was also created for it’s members to publish live PDF examples of workplace agility. A digital interactive brochure was also created for it’s 22 founding members explaining there workforce agility. In the space of 3 months we created a website that seems basic and simple, but a very powerful platform for the Agile Future Forum.

The end result and launch of the website was a great success and we continue to work with the AFF to improve the sites for it’s members.


Client Testimonial

Good4business was recommended to the Agile Futures Forum to support the development and launch of their website. With very challenging timescales Carl Brook from Good4Bbusiness worked with us to create the design and structure of the website which needed to incorporate a number of components including varying participant logos, quotes, photos and case studies and a contact us facility incorporating a number of different functions. The project was further complicated by the number of stakeholders who needed to approve the style and content of the website but Carl was able to translate our high level and changing requirements into a professional website. Carl is a pleasure to work with, he is extremely flexible and has a real “can do” and supportive approach coupled with very competitive rates. Thanks Carl we couldn’t have launched the Agile Future Forum without your support.

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