Timeless Venetian

Timeless Venetian
Timeless Venetian provide professional Venetian Plastering services in the North West

Timeless Venetian is a brand new company that needed a brand new website. Easy administration area and basic hosting requirements with ongoing support

What we did
Going for a more relaxed and calm design as we needed to capture the customers attention and portray the elegance of Venetian plastering. With custom images designed in Photoshop we were able to create a relaxed and warm feeling to the website as requested by the client, ending in a perfect match for Timeless Venetian services. We put in place a basic hosting request as well ongoing support for the new website.

The end result was a visually stunning website that catches your attention, and one very happy client!


Client Testimonial

From the second we discussed my website i could tell straight away that i had there full attention. Very enthusiastic an creative putting ideas across about what they was going to create for me. I had a few request of what and how i wanted it to be. Some of my ideas was good some bad but carl really helped me and my ideas evolve into just as i wanted it. The 24/7 customer service that i recived was ever so helpfull as myself is a perfectionist and if something is wrong or wasnt to my liking i would contact carl and it would be fixed/changed in the blink of an eye. Communication is a big factor to me and in the IT worls there are a lot of words and phrases i would not understand but carl was crystal clear everytime and made it easy to understand. The final outcome of my website was amazing and i was over the moon with it there was alot of features/desighns which i hadnt anticipated but was really excited about once i seen them. The website is really a lot better than i had first thourght it would be and can not thank carl enough for what he ha done for my business. I would definatly reccomend to anybody an will be using again and again.

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